"The time is fulfilled, and the
kingdom of God is at hand
repent ye, and believe the gospel."
Mark 1:15
Are You Going to Heaven?  Find out...take the test.

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001    Are you going to heaven? Find out!  Take the test.
002    Here's what the Bible says about heaven and hell.
003    Did you know that God has a wonderful plan for your life?
004    Here's a secret: good people don't go to heaven.
005    Preparing for heaven is as easy as A,B,C.
006    Here's what the Bible says about being born-again.
007    Here's what the Bible says about believing only.
008    Who can enter heaven?
009    Do it now...tomorrow may be too late.
010    Do You Know What Will Happen to You After You Die?
What Is Repentance?
What Does It Means To Be A Christian?
The Reason Why by Robert Laidlaw

Presentation 1:   Where's The Party?
Presentation 2:   What if...HELL is real?
Presentation 3:  Hello?  Where is everyone?

101    McDonald's Evangelism
102    Search, Sweep, Compel, Receive: Strategy for Evangelism
103    The Key to Evangelism
The Reason Why by Robert A. Laidlaw


GR01    Growing in the Faith 1:  Seven Helps to Grow Your Faith
GR02    Growing in the Faith 2:  Moving on From the Basics
GR03    Growing in the Faith 3:  Growing a Christian World View
GR04    The Twelve Commandments for Christians